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CEREGE is a public laboratory founded in 1995. It involves ca. 150 scholars, 30 PhD students, on different filds like geology, geomorphology, geochemistry, geophysics, geoarchaeology… In Europe, it’s a leading laboratory in geosciences in close connection to LABEX OT-MED (Objectif Terre - Bassin Méditerranéen), Laboratoire d’excellence, founded in 2012 for the duration of 8 years. It brings together 9 research laboratories and 1 research federation specialised in different fields : environmental sciences, law, economy and social sciences.

The research is mainly focused on global change and natural hazards in the Mediterranean basin. The work is divided into 3 work packages and 2 transversal work packages.
- coordinate and stimulate interdisciplinary research on human – environment interactions in Mediterranean ecosystems, accounting for ecosystem functioning, biodiversity and socio-economics, and taking into account the various time scales of the ecosystem evolution (paleoclimatology, paleoecology),
- identify and evaluate innovative strategies to help decision-makers in elaborating public policies and enterprises in treating environmental questions (through data, models and technologies),
- establish an interdisciplinary center for environment and sustainable development in the Mediterranean basin (in relation with Earth Institute at Columbia University and Grantham Institute for Climate Change),
- contribute to the meta-program MISTRALS launched by the French national research structures working on the Mediterranean region.



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