Dr. Christophe Morhange is a geomorphologist with interests in sea level change and coastal deformations. Between 2009-2013, he was the head of the ANR project PALEOMED investigating the Holocene coastlines of the Nile delta and Malta. During the past 10 years, he has moved his research beyond Mediterranean coastal areas, including for instance the Oman Sea and the Black sea investigating mega-blocks. His research tools include bioindicators (rocky and clastic coasts), sedimentology, geoarchaeology and underwater geomorphology. In the Mediterranean, his research focuses on the evolution of many ancient harbours. His objective is to better understand the evolution of ancient harbours, a theme he started 25 years ago during archaeological excavations of Marseille’s Vieux Port (France). Using quantitative palaeoecological methods, he has moved from the characterization to the quantification of human impacts both within and outside ancient harbour basins.



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