• An IP on the topic ‘Quaternary GeoEnvironment - ArchaeoGeomorphology’, that will place together scientists who work on Climate change and glacial - interglacial periods - Climate Change(short duration), changes in upper Holocene, Sea level changes during Quaternary, Sea level changes Indicators, Palaeogeography- evolution of archaeological sites, Geomorphological and environmental changes, Quaternary features and deposits, Dating sea level changes, Use of aerial photographs and multispectral images to identify archaeological sites and Examples of archaeogeomorphological research in the Mediterranean area. The aim to train the students on how to identify records of past coastal change, measure sea level changes through sea level indicators, distinguish gradual and sudden sea level changes through the understanding of the particular conditions of each study area, trace palaeoseismic events, and distinguish patterns and rates of relative sea level changes, and last but not the least to teach new methods and techniques for the better understanding and studying of Quaternary Geology and environments


  • A second IP ’Analysis and Management of Anthropogenic Natural Hazards and Disasters' , that will bring together scientists from different disciplines and experience on the following subjects: Surface gravity movements - Landslides, Landslide risk assessment, Mudflows- risk assessment, Fires, Vulnerability of Soils /Risk of Erosion, River floods / flood risk, Subsea landslides and tsunamis, subsea volcanism, Extreme weather events (hurricanes, storms, floods, heat waves, cold spells, frost and snow, drought), Erosion coast (vulnerability indicators).


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