During this Project a number of Activities will be held. In summary these are:

1.Transnational Meetings

First of all, since the success of the project is dependent on good cooperation and communication, transnational project meetings between the partners will be held at approximately six month intervals over the courses of the project. Skype meetings will be held in regular intervals.

2. Preparational Activities

Before each master course's academic semester a number of preparatory activities needs to take place. These activities include the development of the new course curriculum, meaning setting up an e-class platform, producing the educational material that will be used in the master course and subsequently uploading it on the platform.

3.Main Activities

After the preparatory activities have been concluded, the main project's activities will take place. These are the long-term teaching or training assignments (duration: 6 months/year), and the Intensive Programmes (duration 16 days/year).

4.Multiplier Events

Workshops aim to inform prospective students on the course's curriculum and engage industry and other stakeholders in the framework of an Internship or other. National workshops will be held in each of the partner countries and diverse promotional material of the project, will be given out to the attendants of each workshop. 4 Workshops are scheduled.

An international conference will take place, where students will be able to present their skills through research activity, developed during the program.


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